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The fashion industry can be a dirty bastard. That was why four danish guys decided to do something about it, and started up Organic Basics – sustainable and ethical underwears, GOTS certified organic cotton, but with a constant focus on textile innovations.

Organic Basics is one of our beta brands that you’ll find on our platform, which we are so excited about!⁣

We sat down and talked to Maria de Luna Visa who is the Partnership Manager at Organic Basics, enjoy! 🙂

NR: Tell us a little bit about yourself!
MLV: Positive, extrovert, and a little bit of a control freak. Born and raised in Barcelona, I love spending time reading Swedish literature and talking about politics. I’m in love with spy movies and series, Netflix has saved my life.
I’m an early bird – my daily meditation is going for a long run by the beach at 6:30 am, then I’m ready for the workday.

Maria de Luna Visa

I started to get into the sustainable lifestyle a couple of years ago, first by buying organic food and cycling everywhere. Later, I started to get more interested in sustainable fashion and energy saving.
I consider myself flexitarian, I barely eat meat and when I do, I make sure it comes from sustainable sources.
I can see myself as a vegan in some years, but this is a path that needs to be taken step by step.

NR: What did you do before Organic basics?
MLV: Studying, a lot, maybe too much…I graduated in both Business Management and Classical Music, and I took a Masters in Music Business.
After graduating I worked for over a year as a freelancer in the event industry (festivals & concerts), mainly undertaking tasks of Project Management and Sponsorship. It was very exciting as well as exhausting.

NR: Tell us about Organic Basics, what do you do, what are Organic Basics ethos?
MLV: Basically better made. Consciously created. Designed to last. We put sustainability at the center of everything – we work with innovative and natural fabrics that cause less harm and partner with factories that take care to minimize their environmental impact.

© Organic Basics

NR: You’re the Partnership Manager at Organic Basics, tell us what you’re working with on a daily basis.
MLV: I’m part of an 8 people team. We are looking for new influencers and secure long-term partnerships with them. And of course, a big part of the work is keeping the relationships with the influencers alive, helping them with anything they may need and keeping them posted with all the new releases and campaigns.
I’m specifically focused on paid collaborations and optimizing our processes by finding new tools.

NR: Which are the most important factors for you when evaluating content-creators to partner with?
MLV: The main factor is if there’s a match between the content-creator and Organic Basics’ values. The more values and interests we share, the better.
Of course, we also take into account the reach, engagement, and platforms the content-creator is present on. Based on this data we evaluate a collaboration and the best partnership strategy.

NR: What is your most common objective for Influencer marketing campaigns?
MLV: As a digitally focussed brand, we need to be active and present on Social Media, making sure that new people discover Organic Basics.
There’s a big focus on brand awareness and content creation, even though sales are also a strong KPI in our campaign evaluation.

NR: What is the best part of your job?
MLV: People – inside and outside Organic Basics. We are not a group of work colleagues, instead, we are friends.
There’s nothing better than receiving emails from influencers who are really happy with Organic Basics’ products, values, performance, and people. They can easily make your day with a nice word and recognition for your hard work. It’s always very appreciated.
And I also want to mention how much I’m learning about sustainability, in so many different areas. I really feel I’m being part of this big an important change to implement a more sustainable lifestyle in everyone’s day-to-day life.

NR: What is the hardest part of your job?
MLV: Everything is a challenge! But an exciting one.
We are a small company growing really fast. I don’t think people imagine the small team that we are behind this brand. Sometimes the company grows faster than the team and we need to work really hard to keep accomplishing goals and follow our customers’ expectations. But then you receive a nice email from an influencer, and everything was worth it 🙂

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