Meet Ary Ohayon, co-founder of the French family brand Arsayo.

The Parisian inspired Arsayo bag is an innovative, urban backpack providing comfort and style. Along with their strong ethos, the bags are environmentally friendly, cruelty-free and durable for a long time, and made in Portugal.

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NR: Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

AO: I’m Ary, from Paris.
5 years ago, my brother and I decided to go vegan without knowing that our vision of life will completely change. We became activists for the animal rights and we are now organizing events for promoting Fashion brands that create vegan products ethically made.
Today, we run our family business, Arsayo and we are doing our best for combining our parents model with our passion for veganism and ethics.

Arsayo ethical sustainable french brand
Michel (founder), Camille colleague), Ary co-founder

NR: What did you do before starting up Arsayo?

AO: That’s the question that no one in my surrounding can answer… lol
I used to be a team leader for managing live and on-demand virtual events for financial communication.
It still sounds a bit unclear, isn’t it?

NR: Tell us about Arsayo – how did it all start?

AO: First my father, Michel Ohayon, who used to work in the bag industry for more than 30 years, founded the brand with a very unique backpack design.
A few months after, he needed help for presenting the invention he created on the secure closure to a very famous contest in France (the Lépine competition). I promised my dad that if we win the Gold medal, I would switch work for 100% to Arsayo. And that is what happened!
By the way, Arsayo means the names of the 3 children (Ary, myself; Sabine, my sister; Yonathan, my brother… Ar,Sa,Yo! :))

vegan bag brand vegan backpack
Charlotte Maignan and Ary Ohayon

NR: Do you work full time with Arsayo?

AO: Yes! Outside of “work”, I co-organized a big march for the animal rights in France, I participate to different actions for veganism in the Fashion world and I train myself for the half Iron Man race.

NR: What is your mission with Arsayo?

AO: I am actually associate and my family and I do EVERYTHING! (well.. almost!)

NR: What has been Arsayo’s greatest success so far?

AO: The invention on the secure closure (patent) has been awarded by the Lépine Competition (2 gold medals) and the French Republic (Ministry of the Interior medal).

NR: What has been the biggest challenge so far?

AO: 2018 has been a year of challenges!
We decided to stop working with the Chinese manufacturers (after 30 years of collaborations) and we switched all our production to a new factory in Portugal.

vegan backpack cork Arsayo
Arsayo Corc Collection

NR: How does your overall marketing look like today?

AO: We have the pleasure to work with our new colleague, Charlotte!
She is responsible for Marketing and we do some promotions on social networks.

NR: Do you use Influencer Marketing today? If yes, what has been your experience so far? And which are the most important factors for you when evaluating influencers to partner with?

AO: I have to admit our experience was a bit disappointing but I guess we were “beginners” in our way of selecting influencers.
And 1 day, we met by chance a lady that communicated a promotional code on her stories and we received 27 orders 🙂

NR: What’s next for Arsayo – any exciting plans or news you want to share?

AO: More ethics!
Definitely, the future of Arsayo is proposing the best solutions for Fashion but also for the people, the animals, and the planet.

Arsayo Links:

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