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Meet the founder and artist behind Animal Facing Left.
Animals Facing Left is one of our beta brands that you’ll find on our platform when it’s launched, which we are super excited about!⁣
Yesterday they launched their campaign #animalsfacingextinction, this month focus is to help save the pangolins together with World Animal Protection. Find out how this innovative and inspiring project came to life, and the journey so far.

NR: Tell us a little bit about yourself!
AFL: I am an artist and animal rights activist, and an entrepreneur.

NR: Are you vegan?
AFL: Yes, and vegetarian since birth.

NR: What was your main reason for choosing a vegan lifestyle?
AFL: Growing up with vegan parents kind of lead me to this lifestyle, and it became my own choice in time. I just can’t stand the thought of killing an animal, It feels wrong and terrible. I don’t see any difference between Shaul, my 17 years old cat and any other animal. This love I have for animals just doesn’t fit with eating them.

NR: Tell us about Animals Facing Left – how did it all start? And what made you take the first step to start up Animals Facing Left?
AFL: Animals Facing Left was conceived as an art project to raise awareness of animal rights and raising funds for animals nonprofits.

I believe awareness is the main tool for supporting animals in our social media era, and activism through the community is the other half of our journey. As an artist, to collaborate with nonprofits is to combine these approaches in order to create a wider, stronger impact.


NR: Could you tell us more about the #animalsfacingextinction campaign?
AFL: Each month this year, we will be releasing a new design that highlights the plight of a certain animal. We have now partnered with World Animal Protection and 10% of proceeds help save the pangolins.

World Animal Protection has an activistic and community-based approach, which reflects my own artistic point of view. So many animals are in need of our help and we have reached a point of no return. The survival of many different species is at imminent risk, and the livestock industry is the most inhuman approach to date.

I believe awareness is the main tool for supporting animals in our social media era, and activism through the community is the other half of our journey. As an artist, to collaborate with nonprofits is to combine these approaches in order to create a wider, stronger impact.

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Pangolins have earned the reputation as one of the most illegally trafficked mammals. There are eight species of pangolins, four in Asia and four in Africa. While there is lots of coverage of the scale of the illegal pangolin trade, our footage reveals just how cruel and painful the practice is for these gentle animals.

World Animal Protection

NR: Do you work full time with Animals Facing Left?
AFL: Yes, and even more than full time in the last year. 🙂

NR: Cool, how and when did it turn into a “real business”?
AFL: For an artist to transform into a business is a lot like the butterfly process, it takes such creative thinking to make this cocoon form its shape and fly.

Calling it a “real business” is a tricky title because it has nothing to do with any other projects I had. I need to invent the path as I go.

NR: If you can dream, what is your ultimate goal/vision for Animals Facing Left?
AFL: I wish to collaborate with ethical brands/designers/artists in order to spread the message and to keep developing the brand In hope of making it an internationally spread community.

NR: What is the best part of your job?
AFL: I enjoy all parts of my work. From drawing to business development and creative thinking. I enjoy meeting other people that share the same vision for the future of animals on this planet, and the hope we can make a change carries me forward.

NR: What is the hardest part of your job?
AFL: Building a business around art is not a simple task, I would say the hardest part is the marketing, and how to find the ways to promote something that is basically heartbreaking, like our Animals Facing Extinction campaign for example.

NR: How do you find inspiration?
AFL: I find inspiration mostly in nature, although, making a brand is not only about finding inspiration, it’s about converting inspiration into the brand’s vision. I don’t wait for inspiration to arrive, I work every day and it shows herself from time to time.

NR: How do you work with marketing today?
AFL: I work with my sister, which is the branding manager of Animals Facing Left and we focus this year on our #animalsfacingextinction campaign for saving endangered species. We focus more on making partnerships than marketing for selling goods. This year we are partnering with World Animal Protection to raise our brand awareness and to support their important work.

NR: What have up to today being the most effective marketing tactics for Animals Facing Left?
AFL: It’s too early to say at this point because our marketing campaign just started this January.

NR: Do you work with influencer marketing?
AFL: I do not, Just now getting to know this world and learn it, and feel that with my cause and ethics it can be a great collaboration.

NR: What are the most important factors for you when evaluating content-creators to work with?
AFL: That they share our values for animal rights and ethical production.

NR: Until now how have you funded Animals Facing Left?
AFL: I am the sole investor currently, and hoping to find the first funding sometime this year, with the hope grow and continue developing this project, which is very close to my heart.

NR: Who are some of your favorite inspiring entrepreneurs?
AFL: I would say Elon Musk because if a tech geek, and Stella McCartney because of branding and message.

NR: Lastly, for all those who don’t know about animal exploitation, what do you believe is the best way to communicate this information to the “mainstream”?
AFL: To raise awareness through the art, through the heart. That’s my vision.

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