Meet the Vegan Influencer Ziya Empereur @vegansgotstyle_, who love inspiring people to go vegan. In her Vegan blog she writes about Vegan Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle. Besides that she newly started up Easy Vegan Good Life to help others transition into the Vegan lifestyle easily and fast!

NR: How and when did you decide to go vegan?
ZE: I decided to go vegan 3 years ago. I was already pescatarian for a very long time. As a fashion lover, I was obsessed with designer shoes and bags, until I saw a video from PETA and Stella McCartney about the leather industry. I never realized that eating meat and wearing leather is the same thing. But indeed, the leather industry is not a by-product but a co-product. I quickly understood that every profit-making industry that uses animals is a cruel industry that I don’t want to support.

NR: What is your main reason for choosing a vegan lifestyle?
ZE: The animals. I love them so much, When I look at them and I see a soul, I don’t want to do them any harm.

NR: Which people or books have had the most influence on you and why?
ZE: Marianne Williamson and Gary R. Renard have written amazing books that have influenced me a lot. They are both spiritual teachers of ‘’A Course in Miracles and they explain the principles very well and in a simple manner. The main message is to live in love every second of your life.

NR: What does a typical day in your week look like?
ZE: I wake up, cuddle my boyfriend, check Instagram and my emails. I have breakfast- fruit, and coffee and then I’m ready to go to the gym or to do yoga. After the gym or yoga, I start working on my vegan eCourse ”Easy Vegan Good Life’’ that teaches transitioning vegans to fully go vegan in 7 days. Right now I’m mainly focussing on promoting my eCourse alone and in collaboration with other vegan brands.
At 13.00 I make a healthy vegan lunch or I meet my boyfriend for lunch outside. If we are outside, obviously he needs to take an outfit photo. It’s the golden rule.
After lunch, I go back home or to a library and I start studying ‘’communication and multimedia design.’’ Sometimes I get unexpected castings for a commercial – if the commercial is vegan and cruelty-free I go – otherwise I pass. In the evening I relax at home, with Netflix or I’m making content for my Instagram, blog and youtube channel. Or I go out for dinner or a drink with my boyfriend or my friends.

NR: Which are your 3 favorite tools for Instagram?
ZE: I’m obsessed with the gifs! For a long time I didn’t have them, while others did. Now that I have them – I’m so happy to use them. I really take he time to find the right one.
The other tool that I am very grateful for are the analytics, it’s so helpful to see when is the best time to post a photo, and to get insight of your audience.
The third tool I love is that you can share a post in your story and people can simply access it by clicking through, so practical!

NR: What brand do you dream about doing a collaboration with?
ZE: Stella McCartney!! She is the queen of vegan high fashion, it would be an honor, really. I would love to collaborate for Vegan magnum and Ben and Jerrys ice-cream too. Oh and Matt and Nat. Actually, there are so many vegan brands I would love to collaborate with as long as they are vegan and cool, I’m keen!

NR: Which is the best collaboration that you have done with a brand?
ZE: The best collaboration I have done, was also the most successful one with Nox-bridge a luxury vegan watch brand.
Another collaboration that I really liked doing was for an Italian vegan and toxic-free make-up brand Piteraq. Me and a vegan girlfriend have filmed a makeup video where we only used Piteraq make-up, it was so much fun to do.

NR: Which is the main reasons you chose to become an Influencer?
ZE: The main reason that I want to be an influencer is because I have a message to share with the world. Besides that I really enjoy working on social media, multimedia design and communication.

NR: What do you want to achieve with your Influence?
ZE: Well, as I said I have a passion with a mission. I want to see the world go vegan. A lot of people see veganism as an extreme lifestyle full of restrictions. I want to show these people, that it’s not the truth simply by showing them a glimpse of my trendy vegan life! This way people see how easy and cool it is to be vegan and they make the step quicker themselves.

Ziya Emperur

NR: What is your true passion in life? Why is it so important for you?
ZE: Veganism has become my passion! I always say that I have not only gained a compassionate and healthy lifestyle, but I have also gained a passion for a mission. Going vegan is the right thing to do, and I love inspiring people to go vegan, just by being an example and saying the right things. Besides that being vegan is fun! As veganism is rising, there are more and more vegan products on the market. I’m having so much fun discovering new vegan brands that I love. – It’s exciting to see the world go more vegan!

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