Meet Liz Kapran, a Canadian student, entrepreneur and influencer who shares her love of fashion and veganism on Instagram.

NR: How old are you?
LK: I’m 19 years old!

NR: How would you describe yourself in two sentences?
LK: I am a young creative looking to inspire those to pursue vegan lifestyles. Totally driven by unconventionality, I strive to show those who are skeptical or weary of the vegan lifestyle, the practicality and abundance of truly living it.

NR: How did you become a content-creator?
LK: From childhood, I have always been entirely driven by creative freedom. My passion for innovation led me to my program in university, a creative industries program specializing in digital communication and media business. From there, I was exposed to ambiguous and confusing world of social media and digital marketing. With some reluctance, I decided to finally create a niche vegan page to share my experiences as a vegan girl in the city. Today, it has transformed to much more than a page – it’s a community filled with compassionate, beautiful and inspiring people that bring me unexplainable amounts of joy, and appreciate my passion for art and simultaneous advocacy. 

NR: Which people or books have had the most influence on you and why?
LK: The book called, The Secret, has influenced me the most when it comes to aligning my ambitions and intentions with my thoughts. I am a big practitioner of the law of attraction – this book has totally transformed the way I think and use that little voice inside my head. I urge anyone and everyone to read this book!

NR: What does a typical day in your week look like?
LK: A typical day looks like waking up around 9AM, starting off with an americano with almond milk whilst replying to DMs and e-mails, plan shoots for the week/month, run over to class at university, come home, make dinner, unwind with some cannabis healing and I’ll be recording stories throughout the day to capture and share it all!

NR: Do you have any occupation besides being a content creator (studies, work or your own biz etc)? If yes, tell us about it!
LK: Yes! Besides creating content on Instagram, I also work as a content strategist for a social media marketing agency in Toronto! Amongst that, on the side I sell personally-designed vegan advocacy accessories like phone cases and phone pop-sockets. They’re super cute (or so people have told me, lol) you can check them out at – all proceeds are donated to local animal sanctuaries!

NR: What are your 3 favorite tools for Instagram?
LK: My three secret weapons for instagram are: Unfold, Lightroom and Focalmarked. Unfold is an amazing design app that lets you personalize and curate aesthetic story posts, accompanied by tons of different templates and fonts. Lightroom is Adobe Photoshop’s easier-to-manage little sister, with colour/lighting correcting and the convenience of pre-sets, it lets you edit content professionally and quickly to suit your aesthetic. And Focalmarked is the best app for hashtag curating- the app’s algorithm creates a block of hashtags based on what the content is about, what camera it was taken with and the geographic location. I find my posts do the best when the tags are curated by Focalmarked!

NR: What do you want to achieve with your Influence?
LK: Simply put, it’s not so much of what I want to achieve with this influence, because I think I already achieved it: inspiring individuals who would otherwise not pursue veganism, even consider it. That has and always will be the major priority of my page. It’s only up from here! 

NR: Which brand/s do you dream about doing a collaboration with?
LK: My dream brand to partner up with is MILK Makeup! I’ve never been so in love with a skin/makeup brand and also hello! Theire branding is beyond.

veg content-creator
Lis Kapran

NR: What is your main reason for choosing a vegan lifestyle?
LK: My main reason is that there is absolutely no defensible reason why I should not be. To defend my ego and say I prefer the pleasure flesh brings to my tastebuds than I prefer appreciating life and letting it exist, would be deplorable. I couldn’t live with myself.

NR: Why did you choose to become a #BLIXTIZINFLUENCER?
LK: Because it feels incredible being a part of something much bigger and surrounded by like-minded, compassionate creatives looking to translate their message through the novel and digital.

NR: Which is the best collaboration that you have done with a brand so far?
LK: My best collaborations thus far have been with Ardene, Daniel Wellington and PlantFaced Streetwear Brand! I love working with brands that let the creative do their thing. That’s when brands see the best ROI: when the influencer is authentic and true to themselves/their audience.