gittemary zero-waste influencer

Meet the Danish Influencer and YouTuber @gittemary, who strives to make the zero waste lifestyle accessible to everyone.
She is offering lectures and classes in how to develop a zero waste lifestyle, as well as she is sharing her own journey, tips and life with us in her blog, YouTube channel and Instagram

NR: How does a typical day in your week look like?
GJ: My days are quite tainted by constant work, which I love. I go to the farmers market, I answer DMs and emails. I also film my videos and edit them throughout the day. The later part of the day is reserved for being creative, drawing, creating, printing or whatever. I am working on some merch for my platform, so a lot of my time is dedicated to the creative process, which I love. Then I cook dinner, as well as meal prep for the next day. I always end up having several things cooking, because I love to explore new plant-based foods.

NR: Which people or books have had the most influence on you and why?
GJ: The book that has influenced me the most is perhaps The Alchemist, it taught me the beauty of being present. Or The Sadeian woman which I love as Carter reconstructs female roles and stereotypes.

NR: What are your 3 favorite tools for Instagram?
GJ: Unfold, I use for my stories. But other than that I don’t really use so many tools for IG. I am trying to get more into IG TV

NR: What is the best collaboration that you have done with a brand?
GJ: It’s hard to say which collabs are better than others, I never do collabs if I am not invested in the brand or concept. My partners has to be in alignment with values. I did love working with WFP – World Food Programme, to but focus on food waste. I also loved working with EU Green Week for more focus on urban sustainable initiatives.

NR: What brand do you dream about doing a collaboration with?
GJ: Lauren Singer’s Packagefree Shop would be on the top of my list for dream collabs, definitely; as well would Klean Kanteen.

NR: Are you a vegan?
GJ: Yes I am, I am a so happy that I am, every day!

NR: How and when did you decide to go vegan?
GJ: I started as a vegetarian two years into my zero waste journey. It was a longer process during which I learned more and about animal agriculture and its deadly impact on our planet.

NR: What is your main reason for choosing a vegan lifestyle?
GJ: The environment was the primary reason, however as I emerged myself more and more into this lifestyle, I’ve a deep ethical connection with it as well.

NR: What is your true passion in life? Why is it so Important for you?
GJ: Living in alignment with my values, definitely. I find great joy in reflecting upon why we do the things we do, whether it is out of habit or need. I find true passion in doing everything with intention and meaning, which is why I’ve made my vegan zero waste lifestyle my job.

danish sustainable influencer
Gittemary Johansen

NR: Which is the main reasons you chose to become an Influencer?
GJ: I’ve worked with social media ever since I was a teenager running a fashion blog. I’ve always documented my choices and actions, so for me, it is a natural part of my lifestyle. Social media also provides me with the option to communicate with other like-minded people around the world, who motivate and educate me all the time.

NR: What do you want to achieve with your Influence?
GJ: I would like to be able to do the same thing for others as someone did to me. I was so stubborn about eating meat and animal products for so long, but all of these inspirational individuals online opened my mind so much. I would like to leave a positive impact and show others alternatives to the conventional lifestyles.

Social Media handles:
Instagram: @gittemary
Youtube: @Gittemary Johansen