Welcome to our new blog – time has come to broaden our voice.

To make this a little bit more personal I will start to introduce myself. My name is Nadia Redlo, and I’m one of two co-founders of BLIXTIZ. I have long been an advocate and voice against the animal centric consumer industry and strive to make an impact. I combine my background in marketing and ecommerce with my strong ethical values to create change in the consumer marketplace.
I currently live in Sweden, close to Stockholm, with my dog BLIXTIZ (actually, the company is named after him, 40 kg pure love).

BLIXTIZ the dog

Our second co-founder is Alex, a skilled developer and digital marketer with a passion for the ethical treatment of animals. Alex is responsible for the development of our soon-to-be platform, among other things. We are different in many ways, but we complement each other and share the same core values regarding animals.

What we want to achieve with BLIXTIZ is to strengthen the voice and power of those companies and individuals that strive for change.

Animal rights, the largest social movement

Animal rights is today the largest social movement in the world, which is amazing. So much change is going on, and we want to contribute to this change, we want to make a real impact. And I think you want too, otherwise I don’t think you would be here, reading this.

BLIXTIZ is much more than an Influencer network, BLIXTIZ is a movement.

The power of demand

We live in a market economy, and companies will find a way to produce and sell as long as we are demanding their products. That is the most basic structure in the economy. Demand will always rule supply, but if we change the way we demand we have the power to change the supply – which means that we have the power.

And we are crazy enough to believe that we, together with you have the power to influence what the mainstream demand. Therefore, our goal is to build up a huge global community of trendsetters and change makers, who will spread the vegan and sustainable lifestyle to the mainstream.

Delete animals from human consumption

BIXTIZ are a for-profit company, striving to change the way we consume and in the long run totally delete animals from human consumption. We believe that everything is connected, therefore we need to look at all the consuming issues, not just the food part.

It is an essential step to be able to consume fashion and beauty products without contributing to the suffering of animals, we need to be able to express who we are through fashion and beauty in an ethical way. It is therefore crucial, that the average consumer, easily can chose vegan and sustainable options without compromising on quality or style. This is fundamental for vegan fashion and beauty to become mainstream.

Every vegan brand is important, and we are here to help them grow and reach a more mainstream market.